Photo Gallery

A selection of photographs showing various aspects of roads policy, mainly in the North-West of England. I have taken the majority of the pictures, but other sources have been acknowledged where appropriate.

All photos within this section are Peter Edwardson 2001-2005, except where stated otherwise. Photographs may be reproduced on other websites provided that the source is acknowledged.

Funnies - a little light relief

Speed Cameras

Speed Limit Reductions

Speed Limit Signing

Speed Limit Survivals

Traffic Calming

Anti-Car Measures

Broadstone Road - a particularly weird and dangerous piece of road design in Stockport

30 mph Limits

Stockport A6 Bus Lanes

20 mph School Limits

The A6144(M)

Stockport Viaduct, built in the 1830s, is still a vital link in the London - Manchester rail line, carrying trains five times the original design weight, and running at three times the speed. Said to be the largest brick structure in Europe, and a tribute to Victorian engineering. They had no concept of stress calculations then, so they just built things bloody solid! Compare this with 1960s motorway viaducts which are having to be virtually rebuilt due to stress fractures.

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