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Stockport has recently adopted a policy of imposing permanent 20 mph limits in the vicinity of primary schools. In general, except where they form part of a wider 20 mph zone, these limits are drawn fairly tightly around the school entrances. However, given that the hazard they are designed to address only applies for at most 10 hours out of every week, surely they would be more appropriate as part-time limits marked by prominent flashing signs.

The first two pictures show one of these limits that has been imposed on a road close to where I live.

The 20 mph limit on Green Lane, Heaton Norris, on either side of the entrance to Norris Bank Primary School, viewed from the east. The straight and relatively clear nature of the road is evident from the photograph. The limit qualifies for "20 mph Zone" status as it is reinforced by a hump and two sets of cushions. The other end of the limit is in sight but not clearly visible.

The limit viewed from the west.

A 20 mph restriction on the long, straight Corporation Road in Denton, imposed because of a nearby school. Again why couldn't this be a part-time limit?

For some reason, there's a primary school in the middle of this Tameside industrial estate. Therefore there's a permanent 20 mph limit, although it's not backed up by any traffic calming measures, and is routinely ignored, not least by a posse of trainee police motorcyclists that I observed.

This is how it should be done - a part-time 20 mph limit outside a school in Glossop, Derbyshire, activated by flashing lights.

The same limit seen from the other end. Unfortunately there are some "traffic calming" measures in the zone too, but the principle still holds good.

(Last updated September 2004)

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