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These photographs of various idiocies on our roads should raise a smile - but in some cases it's no laughing matter that officials can perpetrate such nonsense.

This unofficial addition to a road sign was spotted in the Lincolnshire village of Belton, where the locals obviously felt the police were not quite getting their priorities right.

An extremely short, and probably unused, cycle lane in Stockport.

Even worse - this one's on the pavement!

An extremely confusing cycle lane layout in Warrington.

And could this one in Widnes be the shortest cycle lane in Britain?

Obviously it's OK for adults to drive quickly, then!

20 mph sign in Rhyl. Even Carl Fogerty would struggle to do 20 mph down this alley (courtesy of Chris Ward)

And here's another improbable 20 zone in Sheffield (courtesy of UK Roads )

Stockport Council have thoughtfully provided a sign directing pedestrians up these steps to the car park. Unfortunately, they've also bricked up the exit at the top.

A 45-inch double yellow line in Norwich

20 mph signs on a road in Mossley, Tameside, immediately followed by no-entry signs for a one-way street. The only purpose of this section is as a bus turning circle

This slip road in Wigan seems to be literally, er, slippy (courtesy of Anthony Hobson)

This animation was unofficially made from one of my pictures. If only I'd received some royalties! It is actually only a 40 limit.

Here's happy, smiling P.C. Gatso, busy keeping the roads safe!
(courtesy of )

And here's another where a member of the public has added a pointed comment about its intended purpose - although I suspect Photoshop may have been involved here. (courtesy of )

A "no vehicles" sign inexplicably found in a field in the middle of rural Norfolk

Some parts of Stockport are so dangerous that even the Gatsos have to go round in pairs

Someone in Boston, Lincs, obviously doesn't give a XXXX for speed cameras!

So what exactly is the speed limit here on Warwick Road in Stockport?

Some Stockport Council workmen have gone to great trouble to erect this sign right behind a telegraph pole.

Humps to the left of you, humps to the right of you, humps on top of you! Is there no escape?

Home-made sign spotted on a minor road near Mobberley, Cheshire

Sign spotted on the Isle of Wight. Does it suddenly jump out at you from behind the hedge?

It could only happen in Ireland! This telegraph pole was put up in the middle of a road junction in Ballylinan, Co. Laois, although it was moved as soon as the pictures went round the web.

An absurd "Keep Off the Grass" sign on a tiny roadside patch in the London Borough of Merton.

Hmm, I wonder what they're studying there near Kilmarnock?

Are there really 5-digit B-roads in Tameside?

This sign has been erected to campaign for a bypass of the villages of Mottram, Hollingworth and Tintwistle on the A57/A628 Manchester-Sheffield trunk road. Perhaps surprisingly, Tameside Council, who in general have a strongly anti-car policy, have lent their support to this scheme.

The other side of the sign shown above.

(Last updated July 2011)

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