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Pro-Road and Pro-Car Campaigning Sites

Association of British Drivers Association of British Drivers
Association of British Drivers
An organisation that campaigns for drivers' rights and a better road system, and takes road safety seriously rather than using it as an excuse to harass responsible drivers. If any of the views expressed on this site strike a chord, you should seriously consider becoming a member.
Ring 0800 358 9955 with your credit card details for instant membership

A thorough and intelligent site that aims to take an objective look at the issues surrounding speed and road safety, and takes a strong stance against "dumb speed enforcement". Also has a lively and well-used Forums section

National Motorists' Association
US equivalent of the ABD, who got there first and were instrumental in lifting the ludicrous national 55 mph highway speed limit

Open Road
A new campaign group aiming to promote road building and improvement in the UK in the face of government foot-dragging
4x4 Prejudice
Seeks to set out the facts about 4x4 vehicles and counter the growing tide of ignorant and irrational prejudice against their use

Grumpy Old Sod
A well-written and highly opinionated site that rails against various aspects of modern life, a large number of which seem to be concerned with motoring

Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights
UK campaigning site opposing this potentially dangerous innovation that may spread to the UK from Scandinavia - and which we already have to suffer on Volvos
Americans Against Traffic Calming
Exactly what it says - road humps are a worldwide disease, not just a British problem. But Americans are less likely to take such things lying down!
Campaign Against Road-Hump Madness
A simple British site based on the experience of Haringey residents that puts its point across very clearly
Argues convincingly that speed limiters, far from making roads safer, are positively dangerous. In the light of proposals to fit satellite-controlled speed limiters on cars, this is required reading for anyone concerned about road safety
Reasonable Drivers Unanimous
American site that contains a wealth of interesting and provocative material

Speed Camera Sites

Speed Cameras Dot Org

Speed Cameras Dot Org
Campaigns for a more sensible and safety-oriented approach to the use of speed cameras
Speedtrap Bible
Speaks for itself - very thorough and well-researched. An excellent site
UK Speedtrap Guide
Another comprehensive site, with detailed information on the various fixed and mobile camera types and contributions from a police viewpoint
Includes superb, detailed maps showing the location of all speed cameras in the West Midlands and surrounding areas, extending as far north as Congleton, plus a "News" section detailing new cameras, speed limit reduction and other anti-motorist measures. There's also an impressive and growing selection of photos illustrating the various themes of the site. Thoroughly recommended.
UK Speed Camera Map
New interactive site showing all speed cameras in the UK. This is an extremely worthy enterprise, but is still under development, so if you see any missing cameras, please send them an e-mail.

Road Safety Sites

Institute of Advanced Motorists
Leading UK road safety body that aims to improve driving standards through advanced training for drivers and motorcyclists, and has also recently begun to speak out cautiously against some of the more extreme anti-car measures being touted under a smokescreen of road safety. And yes, I've passed their test
The UK's leading online resource for advanced driving. Also contains a lively forums section
Mind Driving
An excellent new book by Stephen Haley which explains precisely why real safety can only come from how drivers think for themselves. It reveals the expert thinking skills, and how any driver can take control of danger on the road and dramatically reduce their crash risk.

The road safety site of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Contains a number of nannyish proposals such as compulsory speed limiters and cutting the drink-drive limit, but much good sense too
Road safety pressure group that has some distinctly nannyish views but not to the extent that it qualifies for the anti-car links page


Campaigns for compulsory motorway tuition for newly-qualified drivers

General Transport and Driving Links

Stimulating and well-used but often highly abusive Usenet newsgroup devoted to transport issues in the UK
New Usenet newsgroup covering driving, road safety, traffic law, advanced training and related topics


A fascinating site that aims to reveal to the ordinary UK motorist how the police and judiciary deal with allegations of speeding in real life, and to provide the information motorists need to defend themselves.
Sense on Drink-Driving
Drunken driving is wrong - but so would be a reduction in the UK drink-driving limit. This site aims to bring a sense of proportion to this often emotive subject
Parking Ticket
Provides detailed information about the increasingly heavy-handed parking law and enforcement in the UK

Magazine site focused on British sports cars but also containing an interesting news section and the highly amusing PetrolTed's Rants

Search UK Petrol Prices for free on
Very useful site - particularly given the current high fuel prices - showing the cheapest petrol stations in your local area
A thorough and detailed site looking at transport options within and between cities. Much of it is concerned with public transport, but there is a good deal about roads too, expressing some very sound views
Thurrock Road Safety Campaign
Essex-based site including many local pictures of poor signing and confusing road layouts
Retired Reuters journalist Neil Winton offers his forthright views on cars, the motor industry and wider social and political issues
The Unofficial AustinRover Web Resource
A superb, fascinating site that contains a wealth of information about the development history of BMC/Leyland/Austin/Rover cars from the Mini to the company's demise last year
Highly amusing (although often crude) spoof website taking a barbed look at the world of cars and motoring

Local Campaigning Sites

A1 Dualling Berwick-Morpeth

A140 Safety Campaign

Mottram/Tintwistle Bypass

Banwell, North Somerset

Ridgmont, Bedfordshire

A590 Now!

Boston, Lincs

Interesting Articles

The speed-cam debate: calm down, dears!
Speed cameras are neither scarily Orwellian devices nor the saviours of pedestrians from rampaging motorists, says Rob Lyons - although the article is actually more anti-camera than the headline suggests
A ‘cycling revolution’? On your bike, Boris
When cyclists are continually told that their mode of transport is saving humanity from doom, says Brendan O'Neill, it’s no wonder so many of them are annoying pricks.
Britain Deserves Better
The Government's transport advisor says the imposition of road pricing is a "no brainer" and you should pay £1.28 for every mile you drive. Austin Williams disagrees.
Global warming: the chilling effect on free speech
Brendan O’Neill argues that the demonisation of 'climate change denial' is an affront to open and rational debate.
Lording it over 4x4s
Timandra Harkness asks whether SUVs are the new face of urban evil
The car represents freedom and progress, so let's build more roads
Mick Hume argues that many of our transport problems could be solved by increasing road-building, and wonders why politicians of all shades are so frightened of the idea
How Much More of a Bashing does the Motorist have to take?
John Redwood argues that government should put the private car at the heart of transport planning
More Tarmac Means More Freedom
Hoot your horn if you love liberty, says Peter Briffa, celebrating the government's £7 billion road expansion programme.
Stop Rail Subsidies
Alfred Sherman says that the majority pay for a rich élite to use an archaic form of transport
Although this article makes some good points, it would be irresponsible to take it forward to the extent of ripping up the railways.
The Political Root of Road Accidents
A fascinating pamphlet from the 1940s by Mervyn O'Gorman strongly making the point that simply blaming "bad drivers" is not an effective way of improving road safety
A Cool and Logical Analysis of the Bicycle Menace
P. J. O'Rourke examines the actions necessary to license, regulate, or abolish entirely this dreadful peril on our roads
Why Councils Can't Be Trusted to Set Speed Limits
Ben Lovejoy argues that the time is long overdue for councils to lose the right to set speed limits
Slow Driving and Safe Driving
Paul Ripley explains how driving too slowly can be just as dangerous and antisocial as excessive speed

Government and Official Sites

Department for Transport
The official website. Despite the high-profile lunacies that get the headlines, the majority of the work done by civil servants in this field is worthy and uncontroversial
Highways Agency
Government agency responsible for maintaining and developing the motorway and trunk road network. A useful source of information about progress on new roads and also "safety improvement" i.e. speed limit reduction schemes
UK Transport Statistics
Invaluable resource for statistics on all forms of transport including passenger and freight volumes and safety
The Highway Code
Britain's roads would be much safer if all road users paid more attention to this document

Alternative Views

Jeremy Parker's Bike Papers
Site produced by a strong advocate of cycling who opposes cycle lanes and other separate facilities as "cycling apartheid"
John Forester - Bicycling Advocate
Argues strongly that, by being regarded as "vulnerable road users", cyclists end up being treated as second-class citizens
If I Ruled the World
Advocates a universal "road user licence" including basic cycling proficiency, and provides a link to my page on Annoying Things People Do on the Roads. Thanks Danny!
Cycling Facility of the Month
Page produced by the Warrington Cycle Campaign showing examples of badly-designed facilities for cyclists (although most of the rest of the site is the usual anti-car drivel)

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