Anti-Car Links

This page gives a list of links to various organisations campaigning to restrict the use of motor vehicles. The presence of a link on this page does not mean that I support any of the views expressed - indeed you will need a strong stomach for some of these sites.

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Council for the Protection of Rural England
Once well-respected body campaigning for the preservation of the English countryside, whose transport policy has now been hi-jacked by anti-car pressure groups with the result that it now advocates littering rural areas with inappropriate urban speed limits, signage and traffic calming clutter
Reclaim the Streets
Radical direct action pressure group whose aim is to return the streets to the "people" - notwithstanding the fact the the overwhelming majority of them choose to use private motor vehicles. But democracy and individual choice never counted for much with left-wing extremists. You will need a sick bag for this one!
Road Danger Reduction
An exposition from a Scottish cycling website of the irresponsible "Road Danger Reduction" approach to road safety which says "it's the car that's the problem, not the child/cyclist/cat/staggering drunk etc."
Disturbing, shroud-waving group that uses crocodile tears over the victims of road accidents to advocate draconian restrictions on motor traffic, and retains a lingering affection for the Victorian "Red Flag" law. Astonishingly for such a blatantly political group they have received no less than £133,794.00 from the National Lottery Charities Board!
Seat Belt Laws
A good exposition of the questionable "risk compensation" theory often used by anti-car campaigners to claim that safety measures in cars lead to drivers behaving less responsibly towards other road users
Slower Speeds Initiative
Umbrella pressure group advocating - amongst other things - blanket speed limits of 40 mph in rural areas and 20 mph in towns
The Social Ideology of the Motorcar
Article by André Gorz setting out a Marxist view of the anti-car case
Campaign for Better Transport
Formerly known as Transport 2000, an apparently independent pressure group that receives copious funding from public transport operators to campaign in favour of measures to frustrate car use. In reality should be called the "Campaign for Worse Transport".

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