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Speed Camera Locations

Cheshire | Derbyshire | Greater Manchester | South Yorkshire | Staffordshire

The following is a list of camera locations on roads in and around Greater Manchester, all of which I have spotted personally.

This page does not condone the abuse of speed, and it is not intended as an encouragement to exceed speed limits.

Drivers should always travel within the limits of their visibility and the braking ability of their vehicle. However, there are numerous examples of speed limits either

  • being set at an unrealistically low level, or
  • being cut by local authorities for political reasons with no road safety justification, often in defiance of official guidelines. See my page on Speed Limit Reductions for more information.

It is all too easy to unwittingly exceed the posted limit by no more than a few miles per hour and be caught out by a camera. Also many limits are not clearly posted. Another factor is that drivers may brake suddenly upon spotting a camera, thus increasing accident risks.

So this list is provided to encourage drivers in the vicinity of speed cameras to take extra care both to moderate their own speed and be alert to the actions of others. And if the authorities really intend cameras to be a deterrent to speeding, surely they will want drivers to know their location anyway!

Indeed, an increasing number of police forces are now posting speed camera locations on the Web, including Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and Staffordshire.

Greater Manchester now has a "Safety Camera Partnership" has not yet officially followed suit with a list of camera locations.


The aim of this page to provide a complete listing of cameras within the Stockport MBC area, and also, as far as possible, detailed coverage of the neighbouring Metropolitan Districts of Trafford, Manchester and Tameside within Greater Manchester, the High Peak District of Derbyshire and the Macclesfield and Congleton Districts of Cheshire. Outside these areas I don't claim anything approaching comprehensive coverage; it's simply a listing of cameras that I have spotted on my travels up to a distance of about 50 miles from Stockport. It also very much depends on where I drive, which tends to be more to the south than the north. I have deliberately not made any attempt to list cameras in West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside or North Wales.

If you do come across any additional cameras within the areas covered, please send me an e-mail, but bear in mind that I won't include them on the page unless I have checked them out personally.



  • A50 N of the Church Lawton crossroads (junction with A5011/B5077), 1 southbound camera between the A533 junction and the crossroads. 50 limit, reduced from NSL (60)
  • A5011 between the Caldwell Tavern at Talke and the A50, 1 northbound camera. NSL (60), unlikely to be significantly exceeded at this point, which is shortly before a left-hand bend, so hard to see the point of the camera
  • A527 Biddulph Road S of town, 1 camera in each direction, southbound just past station, northbound descending hill on approach to town centre. 30 limit
  • westbound A54 Buxton Road E of town, near Church House pub in Buglawton, as you are descending a hill. No eastbound equivalent. 40 limit

    Interestingly, a camera on the A534 Sandbach Road to the W of the town has been removed, as traffic lights have been installed at the junction it protected - a rare example of an existing camera disappearing after the road layout was changed to improve safety.

Crewe and Nantwich

  • Former A500 (now unclass) between Weston roundabout (A531 junction) and Nantwich bypass, westbound one camera entering village of Hough, eastbound one entering Shavington, both 40 limit. This road has been superseded by a new dual-carriageway bypass, so it will be interesting to see whether the cameras remain.
  • A51 Nantwich - Tarporley, camera in each direction in 40 limit through Calveley and Alpraham (these cameras, oddly, were previously sited in the NSL zones just outside the villages)

Halton (Runcorn/Widnes area)

  • B5178 Liverpool Road, Widnes, 1 camera in each direction between Lowerhouse Lane traffic lights (by Albion pub) and Ball O'Ditton. 30 limit, but probably the most open stretch of this road
  • A533 Central Expressway, Runcorn, one camera in southbound direction under bridge at junction for Halton Lea. No northbound equivalent. 60 limit (reduced from 70).
  • A56 Preston Brook, one camera in eastbound direction, descending a hill entering the village. No westbound equivalent. 30 limit, reasonable here, but extends some distance west through a non built up area
  • A558 Weston Point Expressway, one camera in each direction, the southbound one approaching the roundabout for M56 junction 12. 60 limit (reduced from 70).
  • A562 Speke Road, Widnes, 1 camera in each direction between end of Runcorn-Widnes Bridge and junction with A5300. Although these are "high-vis", each is at the far end of a lay-by, and may be obscured by parked vehicles. NSL (70), mercifully spared a reduction to 50 as part of the Runcorn-Widnes Bridge safety scheme. The 50 limit finishes a few hundred yards to the east. This potentially undermines the revenue-raising potential of these cameras, as you'd really have to be pushing it out of or into the 50 to trigger them.


  • A34 Monk's Heath-Alderley Edge, 1 northbound camera outside Astra Zeneca site, on the only overtaking straight on this section. NSL (60) - but do they have plans to reduce it here?
  • A54 Bosley-Buxton, lengthy SPECS-enforced section between a point east of the Rose & Crown pub at Allgreave to the A537. 50 limit, reduced from NSL in 2008. Apparently these are new-generation SPECS cameras that can catch motorcyclists. The SPECS zone is the "fastest" stretch of a generally very twisty road.
  • A523 Macclesfield-Bosley, 1 camera in each direction, both when approaching the Fool's Nook pub. 50 limit
  • A536 approaching Macclesfield from Congleton, 1 northbound camera a few hundred yards before the start of the 30 limit. 40 limit, appropriate here.
  • A537 Macclesfield-Buxton ("Cat & Fiddle Road"), several sets of SPECS cameras from east of Walker Barn all the way through to Buxton. 50 limit, reduced from NSL in 2001. Like the A54, these are new-generation SPECS cameras that can catch motorcyclists. On much of this road it would be difficult to achieve a point-to-point average much above 50 in a car, but the cameras also cover the long straight east of the Cat & Fiddle inn which used to be a good overtaking spot.
  • A538 Manchester Road, 1 southbound camera outside Tytherington High School, south of the Brocklehurst Arms. 30 limit, easily exceeded here because the road is on a downgrade
  • A556 single-carriageway section, between Smoker Inn and A5033 traffic lights, one camera in each direction, installed June 2000. NSL (60), although with specific 60 signing. Many HGV drivers have been caught out here believing in error that this wide, four-lane road qualified as a dual carriageway.
  • A556 approaching M6 Junction 19 from the north, one southbound camera, no northbound equivalent. 50 limit. This is one of the less objectionable locations as it is on the approach to a twisty section of dual carriageway with centre gaps and several property frontages
  • A556 between M6 Junction 19 and M56 Junction 7, one camera in each direction on long straight between Mere Corner and the Swan Inn at Bucklow Hill. Northbound camera hidden behind a sign. 50 limit, reduced from NSL (60), December 2000

    Note: The last five cameras are in Macclesfield borough but fit logically with those on the A556 in Vale Royal

Vale Royal (Northwich area)

  • A556 single-carriageway section in Sandiway, by Blue Cap pub, one camera in each direction. 40 limit - westbound, the limit has just come down from NSL (70), so drivers need to be particularly careful.
  • A556 Northwich bypass between A533 and A530 junctions, cameras in both directions. A long, straight stretch of NSL (70) dual carriageway. A prime example of an inappropriate location for cameras.
  • A556 Delamere, just W of B5152 junction by Abbey Arms pub, 1 camera in eastbound direction, no westbound equivalent. 50 limit, appropriate here, as there is a cluster of development, a dangerous crossroads, and a sharp bend, on an otherwise fast NSL trunk road.
  • A56 Helsby, 1 camera in westbound direction on long straight past Helsby High School, shortly after limit comes down from NSL to 40. An appropriate limit and a reasonable camera location.


  • A49 London Road, Appleton, one camera in northbound direction near golf club, no southbound equivalent. 40 limit, appropriate here.
  • A49 Mersey Street, in town centre, one camera in eastbound direction, no westbound equivalent. 30 limit.
  • A57 Manchester Road, Woolston, one camera in eastbound direction, no westbound equivalent. 40 limit, appropriate here.


Derbyshire seems to have adopted forward-facing Truvelos rather than conventional Gatsos as its standard for recent camera installations. Good news for motorcyclists who don't have front number plates. After many years of having generally reasonable speed limits, in 2007 and 2008 Derbyshire fell victim to a mania of speed limit cutting, including imposing 50 limits on all the main A-roads in the Peak District, although fortunately so far none of these have gained fixed cameras.

Derbyshire Dales (Bakewell/Matlock area)

  • A6 N of Bakewell, one Truvelo camera in each direction about 1-1 miles north of town centre, 40 limit, reasonable here.
  • A6 Darley Dale, one Truvelo camera in each direction, but situated on wrong side of road to give the impression of being rear-facing Gatsos, complete with lines on the road. 40 limit
  • A6 Matlock, one Gatso in each direction between Matlock and Matlock Bath, 40 limit

High Peak (Buxton/Glossop area)

  • A53 Station Road, Buxton. One Truvelo camera facing in each direction. 30 limit. This is a short stretch of inner relief road where speeds much above 30 are unlikely anyway.
  • A57 between A628 junction at Hollingworth and Glossop town centre, two forward-facing cameras of the Truvelo type in each direction, one pair near the A626 junction under Dinting viaduct, the other either side of the traffic lights for the Tesco superstore. Both 30 limits, unlikely to be exceeded by much in these locations, where the road is often congested. The first cameras of this type to appear in the Manchester area, painted in a distinctive livery of yellow box, blue arm and grey post.
  • A6 Fairfield Road heading north out of Buxton, 1 Truvelo camera near the Bull's Head pub, no southbound equivalent. 30 limit, but as it as at the top of a steep, twisty hill it is hard to see 30 being substantially exceeded here.
  • A624 (Hayfield relief road), one Gatso camera in each direction just before the junction with the A6015 to New Mills. 40 limit. As this is a dangerous staggered crossroads and a recognised accident blackspot, it is one of the less objectionable locations (although the junction is a poor example of road design)

Greater Manchester


  • A58 Bury Road - camera in westbound direction on dual carriageway section through Breightmet, entering town, no eastbound equivalent. 30 limit, although 40 would be more appropriate here
  • A666 St Peter's Way - 3 cameras northbound, 2 southbound. Northbound the first is just after the end of the sliproad from the first junction, and can catch you unawares. 50 limit, reduced from NSL (70)


  • A58 Bolton Road - one eastbound camera, between B6292 junction (Ainsworth Arms) and town centre. 30 limit, not unreasonable here.
  • A58 Peel Way - one camera in each direction, each shortly beyond the Tesco junction. 30 limit, reduced from 40. As this is a pedestrian-free dual carriageway with armco, this is one of the most blatant revenue-raisers I have seen. How can this be a blackspot for speed related accidents?
  • A665 Bolton Road, Radcliffe - one Monitron camera in the westbound direction, between the B6292 and A6053 junctions, no eastbound equivalent. 30 limit


  • A34 Kingsway, 1 northbound camera approaching Mauldeth Road traffic lights, by the Mauldeth public house, installed in Autumn 2006. No southbound equivalent. 40 limit
  • A34 Upper Brook Street, 1 southbound camera approaching traffic lights at Hathersage Road junction near Manchester Royal Infirmary. No northbound equivalent. 30 limit
  • A5103 Princess Parkway, mile south of traffic lights at intersection with A5145 between Didsbury and Chorlton, cameras in both directions. For a long time the northbound camera was concealed behind a sign, but this was removed in Autumn 2003. The cameras are reasonable because they protect Pelican crossings at a location where drivers may have just come off the motorway, or be looking to speed up approaching it. 40 limit, appropriate here.
  • A5103 Princess Road, just north of A5145 junction, northbound camera on central reservation. Southbound camera, again on central reservation, a little further north, south of junction with A6010 Wilbraham Road, as the road rises to cross a former railway bridge. Both 40 limit, appropriate on this road.
  • A5145 Edge Lane, between Chorlton-cum-Hardy and Stretford, two cameras in eastbound direction, one westbound. 30 limit. This road has a fairly "hemmed-in" feel and it is hard to see 30 being significantly exceeded here.
  • B5167 Palatine Road, Northenden, one camera in westbound direction, approaching village centre, just after M60 overbridge. No eastbound equivalent. 30 limit.
  • A57 Hyde Road, 1 camera in westbound direction approaching junction with A665 Devonshire Street near the bus garage. No eastbound equivalent. This seems an odd location was traffic will often be slowing down for the lights anyway, and the camera could cause tail-end collisions if there is a queue. 30 limit, but could easily be 40 as this stretch of Hyde Road has lost most of its development.
  • A576 Middleton Road, 1 camera in northbound direction just S of Bowker Vale Metrolink station, no southbound equivalent. As the road is wide here and descending a hill, it's easy to be caught out by this one. 30 limit, probably should be 40.
  • A6 Stockport Road, 1 camera in each direction between Longsight and Levenshulme. 30 limit. With a full-time bus lane and dense development, it's hard to see 30 being significantly exceeded here for most of the day
  • A6010 Wilmslow Road, 1 northbound camera between Fallowfield and Rusholme, no southbound equivalent. 30 limit
  • A6104 Victoria Avenue, between A664 Rochdale Road and A576 Middleton Road, three sets of Redspeed-type speed averaging cameras, installed in Spring 2010. 30 limit, may have been a 40 in the past.
  • A6104 Victoria Avenue East, westbound about halfway between Chain Bar roundabout (B6393) and junction with A664 Rochdale Road, no eastbound equivalent. 30 limit, reduced from a more appropriate 40 in June 2001
  • A62 Oldham Road, camera northbound just past railway bridge after A6010 junction. No southbound equivalent. 30 limit - could be 40 given the lack of roadside properties on this stretch
  • A664 Rochdale Road, Monitron (rear-facing) camera on the central reservation in each direction just north of the junction with the A6010 Queen's Road. 30 limit, could reasonably be a 40 here
  • A665 Cheetham Hill Road, camera in each direction about 400 yards north of the junction with the Inner Ring Road at Trinity Way. 30 limit
  • Unclass Errwood Road, Burnage, one camera in each direction between Green End and Crossley Road. 30 limit on a straight road with houses set well back behind wide verges, that conceivably could be a 40 if it was an A-road.


  • B6194 Oldham-Shaw, about halfway between the two, 1 camera in each direction. 30 limit
  • A62 Oldham Road, Failsworth, 1 camera in each direction, northbound approaching M60 junction, southbound further south towards A663 Broadway junction. 30 limit
  • A62 Manchester Road, Hollinwood, 1 Truvelo (forward-facing) camera in northbound direction a few hundred yards N of M60 J22, no southbound equivalent. 30 limit, arguably could be 40 here, as there is little development, although a lot of closely-spaced traffic lights
  • A62 Huddersfield Road, 1 camera in westbound direction entering the town, no eastbound equivalent. 30 limit
  • A663 Broadway, 3 cameras northbound, 1 just before Red Barn pub, 1 between A669 and A627(M) junctions, 1 after A627(M) roundabout on uphill stretch past Boundary Park, 1 southbound just S of A627(M). 40 limit
  • A669 Middleton Road, camera eastbound between Mills Hill Station and A663 (Broadway) junction. No westbound equivalent. 30 limit
  • A669 Oldham Road, Springhead, 1 Truvelo (forward-facing) camera in westbound direction, descending a steepish hill. No eastbound equivalent. 30 limit
  • A672 Ripponden Road, 2 cameras in westbound direction entering the town down a long hill, no eastbound equivalent. 30 limit


  • A58 Bury New Road, Heywood, one Gatso eastbound direction shortly after leaving the 40 limit at Heady Hill, just past the Summit pub, no westbound equivalent. 30 limit
  • A58 Manchester Road, one Gatso in each direction to the north of the junction with the A664 Edinburgh Way (which leads to the A627(M)). 40 limit, appropriate here.
  • A664 Albert Royds Street (southern ring road, leading on to Kingsway), one Gatso in each direction. 30 limit, should be 40, possibly once was. Southbound you have just come off the dual carriageway section which positively invites speeds well above 30.


  • A56 Bury New Road, 1 Truvelo camera opposite the fire station in Higher Broughton, between the A6010 and A6044 junctions. Although this faces south and presumably catches northbound vehicles, it is situated on the east (southbound) side of the road, which may sow some confusion. 30 limit
  • several cameras in both directions on A6/A580 to the W of the city centre. Limit starts at 30 and then goes up through 40 to 50. Specifically there are cameras in both directions between the Moorside Road and Worsley Road (A572) traffic lights in Swinton. The limit here is 50 which is reasonable. However there are no cameras on the 60 mph stretch and once the limit increases to 70 there are none all the way to the A570 junction on the other side of St Helens (August 1999).


After many years of having a mere three cameras, Stockport installed a considerable number at various locations around the borough in June/July 2002. The new ones were all painted bright yellow, and the older ones followed suit a couple of months later.

  • A34 Kingsway South Handforth bypass, 1 Gatso in northbound direction between Stanley Road (B5094) and Bradshaw Hall roundabouts, pair of Monitrons in both directions in central reservation between Cheadle Royal and Bradshaw Hall. 50 limit, reduced from NSL (70) a couple of years after the road was opened. Both of these are highly inappropriate locations for cameras, on a high-standard, armco-equipped, pedestrian-free dual carriageway with an underposted limit. See picture of the Monitrons, which clearly shows the high standard of the road. The Monitrons replaced a single south-facing Gatso in May 2009.
  • A34 Kingsway, 1 camera in northbound direction between Cheadle Royal and A560 junction, shortly after limit reduces from 50 to 40. Unlike many in similar locations shortly after limit changes, this one is highly visible, and the 40 limit is appropriate here.
  • A523 Macclesfield Road at south end of Hazel Grove between the Rising Sun and Five Ways, one camera in each direction, installed April 2002. 30 limit, on a very wide, straight road that really should be 40. These are Highways Agency cameras and not part of the Stockport MBC programme mentioned above.
  • A560 Stockport Road, Cheadle Heath, 1 camera in each direction between M60 spur and Farmer's Arms pub. 30 limit. See picture
  • A560 Brinksway, Edgeley, 1 camera in eastbound direction just after passing Bow Garrett pub, as the road approaches a steep, twisty hill. 30 limit. See picture
  • A560 Hyde Road, Woodley, 1 camera in westbound direction descending hill just before White Hart pub. 30 limit
  • A6 in High Lane between Red Lion and Dog & Partridge pubs, 1 northbound camera shaded by trees and hard to spot, no southbound equivalent. 30 limit - easily exceeded at this point, traffic permitting
  • A6 Hazel Grove, south of A523 junction at the Rising Sun, 1 northbound camera (new-style Gatso), no southbound equivalent. 30 limit, reduced from a more reasonable 40 in 2009. A classic inappropriate location where there is an underposted limit that in normal circumstances most traffic will be safely exceeding.
  • A6 Buxton Road in Great Moor, 2 cameras in northbound direction, one southbound between Traveller's Call pub and Stockport Grammar School, installed June 2002. As above, very congested with traffic often slow moving. Two cameras in the centre of the road about half a mile south of here were removed in Spring 2009.
  • A6 Wellington Road North, north of town centre, one new-style Gatso in each direction, northbound just past the Jaguar garage, southbound a little further north. This is a very wide, straight stretch of road. These cameras replace this reversible Gatso which was removed in Spring 2009.
  • B6104 Stockport Road West, Lower Bredbury, 1 camera in westbound direction descending a hill about 200 yards after the traffic lights by the Traveller's Call pub. 30 limit, easily exceeded here. See picture
  • B6167 Reddish Road about mile south of junction with B5169 at Houldsworth Hotel, camera on southbound side, no northbound equivalent. 30 limit
  • Unclass Brinnington Road, camera in westbound direction descending hill shortly before bridge over M60. 30 limit


  • A6017 Stockport-Denton: cameras in both directions shortly after road enters Denton after Beight Bridge, southbound just before Fletchers Arms, northbound 400 yards south, as road goes up hill entering built-up area. 40 limit - a surprising survival of past days of sensible speed limits, as it extends almost to the Mason's Arms junction. Its days must surely be numbered - but would a 30 limit make any difference whatsoever to actual speeds on this road? See here for a photo of the 40 limit on this road.
  • A6018 Mottram-Stalybridge: camera in northbound direction about mile south of Stalybridge town centre. 30 limit. Easy to miss as it's painted black and the road markings are just over a small crest, and also easy to exceed 30 by some way as you're descending a long hill. No southbound equivalent.
  • B6175 High Street W of Stalybridge town centre, 1 camera in each direction, eastbound one as you're descending a steep hill. 30 limit
  • A627 Hyde - Ashton, 1 camera in each direction, northbound about 1 mile N of Hyde town centre, southbound mile S of Dukinfield Town Hall. 30 limit
  • A627 Ashton - Oldham, camera southbound just S of Tameside boundary where the road crosses the River Medlock, just past Smokies Park Hotel. No northbound equivalent. 30 limit, should be 40
  • A635 Ashton - Fairfield, 1 very obvious camera mounted on central reservation in each direction in dual-carriageway section W of northbound M60 junction. 40 limit
  • A635 Stalybridge - Mossley, camera on southbound side, S of railway overbridge. No northbound equivalent. 40 limit, appropriate here
  • B6458 Stockport Road in Gee Cross, one camera northbound descending the hill (no southbound equivalent). 30 limit
  • Unclass Corporation Road, W of Denton, camera in northbound direction on long straight, concealed behind a school sign. No southbound equivalent. 20 limit recently introduced (early 2002) as this stretch passes a school - you have been warned! As road humps were installed on this section later in 2002 it is questionable whether the camera is still operational

Note: In Spring 2002, Tameside installed eight of what look like Gatsos on and around the A57 and A628 in the Mottram/Hollingworth area. They are painted dark green, are a little smaller than a standard Gatso, and in each case have a display board a short distance further up the road that flashes up a vehicle's speed. Despite appearances, these are not Gatsos, and merely serve as "speed warners". They cannot be used to prosecute drivers - but unless you are aware of the details, how are you to know that when approaching one? Some photos of one of these can be seen here. In early 2003 they were changed for a different and perhaps more robust design, but as far as I know their function remains the same.

The locations of these are as follows:

  • A560 eastbound, on one-laned dual carriageway section through Hattersley, approaching M67 roundabout. 40 limit
  • A57 westbound, just west of Mottram crossroads. 30 limit
  • A57 Mottram Moor eastbound, on dual carriageway between Mottram and Hollingworth. 30 limit, should be 40
  • A57 westbound, between Woolley Bridge roundabout and Hollingworth lights. 30 limit
  • A6018 eastbound, descending hill between Roe Cross and Mottram. 40 limit
  • A628 eastbound, in Hollingworth village. 30 limit
  • A628 westbound, shortly after entering Hollingworth village. 30 limit
  • unclass Broadbottom Road between Mottram and Broadbottom, southbound near Waggon pub. 30 limit, 40 would be more appropriate is this is a long, straight stretch only built up on one side. Also another southbound camera further down in the Broadbottom direction, within the recently-introduced 20 limit
Several more similar cameras have recently been installed within Tameside, not always combined with speed warning boards.
  • A57 Mottram Moor westbound, between Hollingworth lights and Mottram crossroads. 30 limit, should be 40
  • A6017 Guide Lane, Audenshaw, southbound shortly after Guide Bridge station. 30 limit
  • A635 Stamford Street between Stalybridge and Ashton, westbound near junction with B6431 Clarence Street. 30 limit
  • B6390 Audenshaw Road, westbound approaching bridge over M60. 30 limit
  • Unclass Windmill Lane between Denton and Reddish, camera in westbound direction approaching M60 bridge. 30 limit. This road makes a brief foray into open country, to the extent that 30-limit reminder signs have been erected.


Note: Trafford has recently applied yellow front and rear panels to its previously black Gatsos.

  • A5067 Talbot Road outside Old Trafford cricket ground, camera in westbound direction, no eastbound equivalent. A very wide, straight road. 30 limit
  • A538 Hale Road between M56 Junction 6 and Halebarns, about mile W of M56, camera in westbound direction. Limit here was reduced from 40 to 30 in 1998 even though it is a clear road with big houses set well back, and mostly not built up at all on the north side. A motorist got a speeding conviction quashed because the new limit wasn't marked clearly coming from the M56, although it now has been.
  • A56 southbound between B5160 junction and M56 Junction 8. 50 limit, reduced from NSL (60) in Autumn 2003.
  • A56 northbound approaching Altrincham, camera partially hidden by trees shortly after start of 30 limit (although there are no house frontages here, so why a 30 limit?)
  • A56 Washway Road between Sale and Altrincham, southbound camera just south of Brooklands Peugeot garage. 30 limit.
  • A56 Washway Road, northbound camera between A6144 and B5166 junctions, approaching Sale town centre. 30 limit.
  • A56 northbound N of Sale just before junction with M60, shortly after limit increases from 30 to 40 - so difficult to see the point
  • A56 Chester Road in Stretford, between Talbot Road and Great Stone Road junctions, near Gorse Hill pub, cameras in both directions. 30 limit.
  • A6144 Marsland Road between Derbyshire Rd mini-roundabout and Brooklands Metrolink station - reversible camera in centre of road. 30 limit. A busy urban main road with lots of parked cars, and a very obvious camera, so one of the less objectionable locations.
  • A6144 Carrington Lane, 1 camera in each direction between A6144(M) junction and B5158 (Flixton Road). 40 limit (reduced from NSL). See picture. Also 1 camera further W in westbound direction only, about mile past Windmill pub in Carrington village. 30 limit, reduced from a more reasonable 40.
  • Unclass Manor Avenue (back road from M60 to Altrincham) southbound about 200 yds S of junction with A6144 Carrington Lane. 30 limit.
  • Unclass Barton Road westbound W of railway bridge, between Stretford and Urmston. 30 limit

South Yorkshire


  • A616 between Flouch Inn and M1 Junction 35A, two cameras in each direction through Langsett, one in each direction through Midhopestones, both 40 limit.
    In December 2002 a SPECS speed-averaging camera system went live along the whole length of the NSL (60) Stocksbridge bypass section of the A616 from just south of Midhopestones to M1 Junction 35A. This is a mainly three-lane road, with two lanes on the uphill sections, and had a poor accident record, mainly due to badly-judged overtaking. This is the first SPECS installation on an NSL trunk road - it remains to be seen what effect it will have on safety. See picture.


Leek area

  • A523 in Rushton Spencer, 5 m. N of Leek, two cameras in southbound direction, one in northbound. 40 limit
  • two in each direction on A523 as it enters the town, in both the Macclesfield and Ashbourne directions. Northbound as you enter the town you are descending a long hill and will almost certainly be well over 30 mph. Also one camera in each direction as you are leaving the town
  • A523/A52 southeast all the way to Ashbourne now reduced to 50 limit and riddled with cameras is this a premonition of the Big Brother surveillance of the future? Southbound there are 9 - one at Bottom House crossroads (Green Man), two in 40 mph limit through Winkhill, three in 30 mph limit through Waterhouses, one at crossroads E of Waterhouses, two in 40 mph limit through Swinscoe. Northbound very similar, but only two cameras in Waterhouses

Stoke-on-Trent and Stone

  • A34 N of Newcastle-under-Lyme, between A500 roundabout junction with A5011 at Caldwell Tavern - one camera in each direction. 30 limit. Northbound camera is not far after road goes down from NSL (60) to 30
  • A5011 NW of A34 junction referred to above - one camera in each direction. 30 limit. Northbound easy to be caught out as you are accelerating away from the lights and the NSL sign is in sight. Not sure but I think the limit on this stretch may have been cut from 40.
  • A34 Newcastle-under-Lyme - Stafford, numerous cameras as follows:
    Between Newcastle town centre and the A500 junction at Hanford, one reversible camera in the central reservation. 40 limit. Six new cameras were installed on this section in Spring 2002, all in the 30 limit section further south from the above. Overkill or what?
    Southbound from Hanford:
    - two in 40 limit up to Poacher's Cottage pub
    - two in 40 limit through village of Tittensor
    - three in 60 mph stretch S to Darlaston roundabout
    - two on 50 mph Stone bypass, between Darlaston and Walton roundabouts
    - two in 60 mph stretch between Stone and Stafford near Yarlet (one reversible)
    Northbound from Stafford, slightly fewer, as follows:
    - two in 60 mph stretch between Stafford and Stone near Yarlet (one reversible)
    - one on 50 mph Stone bypass, N of Walton roundabout
    - one in 60 mph stretch N from Darlaston to Tittensor
    - one in 40 mph limit through Tittensor (but it is just after the 40 sign, and on the right rather than the left of the carriageway, so easy to miss)
    - one in 40 limit from Poacher's Cottage to A500 junction
    The limit on the open-country sections of this road has within the past few years been reduced from NSL (70) to 60. Although a local has described it as "a bit of a racetrack" it is no worse a road than many dual carriageways that retain a 70 limit. Staffs CC seem very keen on their cameras (much more so than Cheshire) - see Leek above.
  • A 5035 Trentham - Longton. 4 cameras eastbound, 3 westbound. 30 limit, although along much of the road 40 would be more appropriate
  • A 519 between Newcastle town centre and M6 Junction 15. 3 cameras in southbound direction, 2 in northbound. 40 limit (which is pleasing to see here, as many local authorities might have reduced this road to 30)

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