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10 May 2021
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Promoting better, safer roads and sensible traffic law enforced with discretion

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"The normally careful and competent actions of a reasonable individual should be considered legal."
(Arizona Department of Transportation)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Apart from the table of petrol prices, this website is no longer actively updated. Many of the general points made in the articles remain valid, but any specific information should not be relied on as being current.

Association of British Drivers Association of British Drivers

Speed Limits and Enforcement

Speed Cameras
Camera sites in and around Greater Manchester
Speed Limit Reductions
Examples of speed limit reductions in the Greater Manchester area, few of which are justified or conform to official guidelines
The New Stealth NSL
The Highway Code says the default limit on rural single carriageways is 60 mph, but in more and more areas it is rapidly becoming 50 mph
Speed Cameras Revisited
An update on recent developments in speed enforcement, following on from A Nice Little Earner?
Speeding by Design
Why do we allow cars to be sold that can do twice the motorway speed limit?
Hide and Seek
Would a return to hidden speed cameras improve road safety?
After the Cameras
How should traffic law be enforced once most of the cameras have gone?
Fabulous Forties
The rise and fall of the suburban 40 mph speed limit
Is Twenty Plenty?
How a misguided safety policy is increasing pollution and slowing our towns to a crawl
30 mph Villages - the Hidden Threat
The superficially appealing concept that is likely to lead to inappropriate and dangerous speed limits on rural roads
Towards a Rural Speed Hierarchy
Another concept that may sound appealing in theory but in practice would be highly problematical to implement and potentially dangerous. Page recently revised (March 2003)
Why We Need Speed Limits
Scepticism about current British speed limit policy does not mean that we should dispense with limits altogether
Limiting Speed, Limiting Safety
How the totalitarian threat of external vehicle control threatens a road safety disaster
Socially Unacceptable Speeding?
Why speeding will never become as socially unacceptable as drink-driving
Turning the Screw
How inconsistent, politically-motivated speed limit cuts are compromising safety on our roads
Guide to Speed Limit Setting
My views on how speed limits should be applied to UK roads - which are closer to official government policy than the approach of many local authorities
Speed Limit Markings
A brief guide to the current legal position on speed limit signs and markings
Lower Speeds by Stealth
The Highways Agency and local authorities are taking the law into their own hands in imposing unjustified blanket speed limit cuts (updated May 2001 for new developments)
A Nice Little Earner?
Will the proliferation of speed cameras really raise millions for Treasury coffers?
The Slow Pace of the Country
The pitfalls of "slower speeds on rural roads"

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General Issues

Petrol Prices
The facts about how they have moved over the past three decades (recently updated for March 2016 figures)
Transport and Road Safety Manifesto
A list of proposals based on the overall themes of this site, concentrating on modest and achievable ideas rather than blue-sky thinking
Traffic is Killing Our Village!
Many rural villages feel swamped by speeding traffic. So what is the solution?
Is the Price Right?
Is road pricing the solution to the gridlock on our roads? (recently revised and updated)
Tracks to Tarmac?
Is rail-to-road conversion an unheralded idea whose time has come?
Hogging Attention
Do middle-lane hoggers deserve the bad press they get?
Getting the Hump
How "traffic calming" is making our roads more dangerous, not less (recently updated)
Down the Hatch
The confusing and ill thought out lining scheme that is blighting our roads
How to Improve Road Safety
Following the publication of the government's Road Safety Review, a few alternative ideas on how to go about reducing road casualties
Horses for Courses
There is huge scope for enhancing public transport, but it's important to concentrate on what it does best
Poll Taxes on Wheels
Motorists are threatened with congestion charging and a workplace parking tax - but, in reality, will Blair ever allow them to be implemented outside London?
Protect Horses- Drive a Car
How life without the car would literally be a pile of shit
Funky Bangers
Why environmentalists choose to drive some of the most unsafe and polluting cars on the road
Open Road

Local Issues

(which may have a general significance)
The Great Manchester Con Charge
Greater Manchester is now threatened with unfair and extortionate congestion charging
Road Projects Needed in North-West England
A summary of new roads vital to relieve congestion and improve the local economy, that in many cases have been on the drawing board for decades
Red Card for Road Builders
Were Beckham's and Cole's bans as much a symptom of bad roads as bad driving?
Road-Hump Madness Comes to the Heatons
Quality of life in one of Stockport's more pleasant areas will be seriously compromised by ill-considered traffic schemes (updated December 2000 for the latest developments)



Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to some of the queries most often raised by readers of this website.
Photo Gallery
A selection of photographs showing various aspects of roads policy, covering speed limits, speed cameras, traffic calming, bus lanes, cycling facilities etc.
Britain's Best Driving Roads
Suggestions from Internet users on this country's most enjoyable roads to drive along, legally (or sometimes otherwise)
Annoying Things People Do on the Roads
A list of my pet hates, many of which are not only highly irritating but downright dangerous too
Letters to the Editor
Letters I have had published in the press on road safety-related subjects
About this Site
How did I come to create this website, and what's the background behind it?
Transport and Driving Links
Links to other sites concerning transport and driving issues that I have found worthwhile
Anti-Car Links
Collection of links to various organisations campaigning to restrict the use of private motor vehicles - for some of which you may need a strong stomach
Comments received from readers, and my response to them
PePiPoo - Helping the motorist to get justicePePiPoo - Helping the motorist to get justice

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All material on the site is Peter Edwardson 2001-2021. Text may be quoted and photographs reproduced on other websites provided that the source is acknowledged.

As stated above, this website is no longer actively updated, and therefore much of the information contained in it may not be current.

The opinions expressed are entirely personal and do not represent the official policy of any organisation. Nothing on this site is intended as an encouragement to break any road traffic law or to behave in a dangerous or irresponsible manner on the roads.

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